A Non Political Association For All Karateka.

The Enso International Karate Association has Dojo affiliation and individual membership available.

why JOIN us?

It's All About Karate, Not Politics!

For Dojo Affiliation

We welcome all karate Dojo, once on board, the Sensei is in charge, we are just here to help and guide our affiliated Dojo and Sensei to become better karateka and have a thriving Dojo!

Individual Affiliation

We understand not all karateka can attend a local Dojo and the reasons are many! We welcome individual membership and even give our members the opportunity to test online from home!


For Dojo joining our association, the Sensei will recieve a yearly certificate of association and access to our testing syllabus if they wish.

about us

The Enso International Karate Association Was Formed To Share and Spread The True Values Of Karatedo!

Our Senior Sensei are here to help and guide our members.

Dojo which affiliate to us are totally in charge of everything they do. The respective Sensei test their own students and have the option of having one of our Sensei to conduct examinations if they so wish. 

Each affiliated Dojo or individual is responsible for their own insurance, which includes public liability, accident and injury insurance,etc.

The EIKA is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or mal practice that occurs.


Our Members have access to our official EIKA examination certificates

Enso International Karate Association

Our beautiful Japanese paper certificates are loved by karateka all over the world.

Our affiliated Dojo can order them direct in bulk and our individual members can order them as and when they test with the EIKA.


Dojo Assistance Not Interference!

Member Dojo have access to our full syllabus video tutorial series, which our Sensei can use.

Shotokan Syllabus!

Dojo Sensei can test their own students or have one of the EIKA Sensei conduct the examination. Individual members can test from home online.

Sensei Is The Boss!

We have a marketing area for our Dojo Sensei. This is to help them grow and add members to their Dojo.

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We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

Please let us know if you would like to join as a Dojo or individual