The EIKA welcomes Dojo and Individuals.

The yearly fee is just $15 USD for Dojo Membership ($5 extra for each additional Dojo if the Sensei have more than one Dojo), this Includes Digital Affiliation Certificate.

$35 USD For Hard Copy Mailed Certificate and $5 to added for each extra certificate if the Sensei has more than one Dojo).

We will be holding live Zoom classes throughout the year which all of our affiliated members are free to attend. There will also be some special live classes just for our association Sensei.

Affiliated Sensei will be given access to a special Sensei area on our website. Where the EIKA Sensei can access the EIKA syllabus and much more, the Sensei will be given their unique login details.

Our affiliated Sensei will have access to the official EIKA certificates.

The official EIKA certificates can be purchased in bulk, please email for more information

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